How can automation help you in your video production

With automation, you can create effective videos without struggling. Read this post to learn how to use automation through these few simple steps!

How can automation help you in your video production
Elisa Velleca
Video Creator
Video Marketing How can automation help you in your video production

As a video editor, do you struggle to create an effective video that gets results? Video automation helps you create captivating, effective videos quickly and easily. If you’re not familiar with video automation, this short post explains what it is and how to use it. Let’s get started.

What is video automation?

Is the process of video making long and tiring? Do you find yourself making the same cuts and creating the same graphics over and over again? Are you worried about not having the right skills for professional video editing? Well, there is a solution to overcome all these difficulties: imagine doing all of this with just a few clicks. Believe it or not this is all possible through a process called video automation

Video automation is what you need if you are searching for a way to save time and money in video production and editing, all without requiring any specialized skills!



A faster system requires faster solutions

Today electronic devices, the internet, and social networks are a regular part of our daily lives, when everything feels “faster.” This also affects marketing, which needs faster solutions. Every business, in fact, requires faster and easier productions to launch and promote new products and services on the market. So, what is the main tool in every marketing strategy for making this happen? It’s video. And that’s why being able to quickly and easily create fresh video content, especially personalized video content, is something that every business would love, especially when it’s cost effective

This is why we’re talking about video automation because it allows marketers to create multiple personalized videos in just a few clicks.

Benefits of video automation

  • Time savings: as we already mentioned, video automation saves time compared to the time-intensive, labor-intensive nature of traditional video making processes. For every business, time is an incredibly valuable resource because it means money: so, by saving time, you will also save money. This also allows you to focus on other areas in your marketing strategy!
  • Economy: video editing with automation can be easily made by a single person, while traditional productions often require a large team of professionals. Obviously, this will significantly reduce the costs of video making. What’s more, you don’t need to pay for professional software for certain video editing activities because, with automation, everything can be done in a few steps. This is another way to reduce the budget and save money. Eventually, recalling the first point, remember that  less time also means less money spent for personnel.
  • Easy for any skill level: in addition, automation is perfect for those without any video editing or programming experience since it takes care of the more difficult production steps for you. Consider that most professional editing software requires both skills and experience. However, there are platforms that make it even easier and Babelee is one of them; more about this later in the post. 
  • Customization and personalization: customers love to receive highly personalized video from the brands they do business with. Video automation software makes it easy to create customized content. All you need to do is add your data (we’ll look at this more closely coming up). Personalization is one of the keys of an effective marketing campaign. See this post to learn how. 
  • Same video, different subject: if you have to create similar videos for different products, automation will definitely become your greatest co-worker. By using templates, you can create a base standard video that can be used for different situations or different products/services. Again, this will lead to great savings of time and money for you or your team. 
  • Higher click-through and conversion rates: a consequence of having highly personalized videos is the increase of conversion and click-through rates. These refer to the percentage of people who click on your video link or who perform a certain action, visiting the website linked. Video is the best tool for this, and with automation you can make it even better, providing a customized and personalized video for each person, and transforming every viewer into a potential customer.

Video automation with Babelee

If you are wondering about which software is the best to help you when using video automation, then we’ve got the answer: Babelee! 

Babelee is an online video editing platform specialized in making the video editing process the easiest you’ve ever experienced. With Babelee, you can create hundreds of videos just using the data you have. In fact, Babelee is specialized in data-driven marketing videos: simply collect your data in an Excel spreadsheet, then link it into the specific tool inside the platform, set up everything you need, and the numbers will automatically be placed in order, creating personalized videos, each based on different data and customized settings. All of this is possible thanks to a function called mapping. Mapping simply matches every single element of the video with the data you decided to use, reducing what has typically been a very long process down to just a few steps!  

To make it even easier, Babelee offers connectors. These tools allow you to take your data from other platforms, such as HubSpot or Mailchimp, and bring it directly inside your video production window. This offers incredible support as it shortens the time required to upload and use your data in your videos.

Templates are the key for automation

Another critical tool, maybe the most important, is the use of templates: Babelee offers a wide range of templates in the platform, organized by theme. Start your automation process by choosing your template and edit it to make it your own: you can change the sound, the background, the colors, and more. Want to bring your own template? No problem!. Just import your project from your favorite software into the Babelee platform and get to work! 

Once you’ve finished preparing your template, Babelee allows you to easily check what you have done and to test many versions of your video. In fact, you can easily re-use your video template and edit it to create a new version of your project. The process is so easy that you can quickly repeat as much as needed. This allows you to understand what you should change in your editing or, more generally, which version of your video is the best.


So, for marketers who have to deal with mass video production, video automation is your best friend. There are many editing platforms that allow you to use automation available on the market today, but Babelee brings it to a whole other level. So, what are you waiting for? Visit to start using the software and create your marketing videos with just a few clicks!

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