Video Advertising

Display different advertising formats within editorial video content. Easily create and monetize video news and video reports to provide a new revenue channel.

Video Advertising: beyond the limits of monetization 

Today’s online publishers need to constantly produce new, engaging, and updated content in order to continue to capture the attention of their  readers and subscribers. At the same time, in this competitive, even cutthroat environment, they also need to find easy and effective ways to monetize their content in order to make their overall business strategy work.   

Within this delicate balance, you must take into consideration that today’s users are showing a growing interest in video communication. Here is some data: according to ComScore, on-demand video viewers rose by 60% while online video visualizations for television broadcasters increased by 110%. Moreover, according to Salesforce, video has been the star channel of 2021, with the largest increase in value compared to the other digital channels.  

As a publisher, with Babelee you can now take advantage of this major trend and engage your readers with effective and monetizable editorial video content. In a few steps, you can use the platform to automatically create: video news that is updated in real time from your RSS feed, amazing video infographics with animated data visualization, and engaging and personalized video reports for your subscribers.  

Even more interesting, Babelee allows you to monetize your editorial content with video advertising. In fact, thanks to the integration with online advertising management platforms, you’ll be able to display different advertising formats within your video news. From banners in different sizes to pre-roll video ads, video advertising will enhance your content by giving you a new and valuable source of income.  

The production process is easy but effective: first of all, you need to simply select and customize a template for your video news on the platform. Next, take your RSS feed or any other statistics and data that you want to report and link them with the scenes of your video. And wow! In just a few minutes, you’ll generate useful, updated, and appealing video content for your readers.  

And now comes the fun part: it’s time to monetize your traffic! So, before publishing, put your favorite advertising formats in the video and capture your user’s attention, all while earning revenue. It’s incredible how Babelee can reinvent and boost your everyday work. Keep exploring to discover more of what you can do and achieve.   

The power of video advertising

As an online publisher, having a quick and easy way to make and monetize your content without specific technical knowledge isn’t the stuff of dreams. With Babelee, it’s a reality.   

Video advertising provided by Babelee combines the attractiveness of video communication with the potential of traffic monetization to bring incredible value to your editorial content.  

First, the platform allows you to easily and automatically create new editorial content that is effective, useful, and engaging for readers, users, and subscribers alike, all thanks to the power of video. Then, you’ll be able to monetize your video through advertisements available in different IAB formats, thus giving you a new revenue channel and source of income. You’ll also save on production costs, creating more content in less time with a platform that is easy to use, intuitive, and effective.  

Above all, you’ll improve your click-through rates and return on investment, all while upgrading your digital video advertising strategy, your editorial content creation, and your whole marketing and business strategy.    

It’s time to rethink the way you create and monetize your editorial content, it’s time to discover Babelee.  

Discover Video Advertising  

Your editorial content contains incredible value. As a publisher, Babelee allows you to seamlessly produce appealing content and boost your business strategy at the same time. In fact, the platform makes it easy to create and monetize appealing video content for your readers, users, and subscribers, thus giving you a new valuable source of income. How is it possible? It’s easy: Babelee can be integrated with online advertising platforms that allow you to display advertisements in different formats within the video. And monetization becomes automatic.  

Choose your advertising format 

Are you wondering which advertising formats you can place within your video content? In a word, any! Babelee allows you to display banners in all the IAB standard ad formats like a leaderboard (728×90), a medium rectangle (300×250), a skyscraper (160×600) or a billboard (970×250), a portrait (300×600), or any other ad format you prefer. You can also choose to insert a pre-roll ad before your video news starts. It’s only up to you and your strategy and it’s up to us to make your video monetization easier and more satisfying than ever.  

Sell advertising space within a video 

Meeting advertisers all over the world has never been easier. With Babelee, you can start selling advertising space within your video content, thus boosting revenue and monetizing your web traffic. The platform offers integration with online video advertising technology platforms like ad servers, DSP (demand-side platforms), or SSP (supply-side platforms). These platforms manage the display of ads in an automated way. You simply insert advertisements and monetize your editorial content easily and effectively. Your users will do the rest.  

Create real-time video news  

Babelee unlocks new, exciting, and uncommon ways to efficiently create engaging editorial content. Seeing is believing: take your RSS feed with your already available news and blog posts and automatically turn them into effective video news that is updated in real time. You could also choose a different template for each editorial line in order to set the style and the tone of voice that best fits your needs. Well done! Just select your favorite advertisements and, in a few steps, you’ll have new, valuable, and monetized content to share with your readers.  

Numbers, trends, and statistics are essential for your news, but so is making them interesting and easy to understand! In Babelee, you’ll find lots of animated histograms, pie charts, rankings, and timelines that will boost your data visualization abilities. The platform allows you to take all the external data you want to report to your readers and use it to talk about economic growth, stock trends, and any other topic in a completely new way. That’s it: more monetizable video content for you and your editorial calendar.  

Send personalized video reports 

Here’s another fantastic way to easily create monetizable content with Babelee as a publisher: Thanks to the platform’s video personalization features, you can also create and send personalized video news to your subscribers, enabling a surprising and appealing one-to-one communication. You can take their name, interests, and any other personal data you have to send them daily, weekly, or monthly video newsletters and reports, for instance. This is just another way to communicate that will help you to build stronger relationships and increase income.  

Monetize your web traffic 

Do you have a blog, an e-magazine, an online newspaper, or a web page that generates hundreds and thousands of views that you want to share? Whatever type of video content you have created with Babelee, you’ll be able to easily embed it within your web page and start engaging your users and readers more effectively. In addition, thanks to online video advertising, you’ll be able to pleasantly take advantage of your web traffic and monetize it by showing all the ad formats you want to your online visitors. What a leap forward, with Babelee!   

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