How it works

There are so many things you can do with Babelee, just in a few clicks: check it out with our videos!

Personalize with a click

Three: the number of steps you need to make a personalized video with Babelee.

One: create your video. Select a template or start from a new project. You can also import your format from Adobe After Effect.

Two: customize and insert all the elements you need. Choose a background, insert your texts and images, show your data and put your logo! Don’t forget an interactive Call-to-Action.

Three: personalize each video! Map all the fields and share millions of different videos with your favorite API connector. That’s it!

Everyone can start to make a personalized video with Babelee.

Automate the process with a single button

Only one button to produce millions of these videos. How? Choose a template, define a data source … and click. You’re done!

Now you have automatically an unlimited number of personalized videos that you can share with your favourite API connector.

Transform your data in a click, with Babelee.