Video Interaction

Insert clickable calls to action directly within the scenes of your videos. Unlock interactivity to drive engagement and funnel conversion.

Video interaction: change your idea of video communication 

In a world of thousands of similar marketing strategies, it’s not easy to stand out from the crowd. Hundreds of landing pages and direct emails are constantly fighting for users’ attention. Even standard video communication as a tool to engage and impress is widespread. Don’t you think it’s time to do something more?  

With Babelee, you can make a difference. As you’ll discover, the platform unlocks the power of interaction directly within your video communications, giving you an innovative way to engage and impress users and customers, all while boosting the overall performance of your marketing strategy.  

Interactive videos made with Babelee are revolutionary as they are HTML5 videos, a web format that is completely different from traditional MP4 videos. In fact, this format allows you to do something unexpected: you’ll be able to place clickable calls to action right in your videos, providing an easy and seamless way to interact with your users.  

The interactive video-making process powered by the platform is simple and effective. Once you have chosen your video template, you’ll be able to edit and customize it and fill it with all the information you want to display and communicate. Even more important, you’ll be able to personalize one or more calls to action within every scene of your video, where your users and customers can click on them directly.  

In doing so, you’ll create a frictionless customer experience that is guided by the attractiveness of video and enhanced by the strength of interactivity. This is a combination that will put you ahead ofthe competition and notably increase your click-through and conversion rates.   

Start creating interactive personalized videos, video news and summaries, and data visualization videos that are ready to fill and upgrade your personalized landing pages, your customized direct emails, and your overall omnichannel strategy. Start interacting in a new way with Babelee!   

The power of video interaction

Traditional videos can be beautiful and captivating, but they lack something special. Once produced and delivered, they remain static and are unable to truly interact with viewers. Moreover, they keep showing the same thing to a wide group of people with a one-to-many approach.   

Thanks to video interaction, things are changing. You now have innovative and incredible ways to change the way you interact with users and customers while boosting your video marketing performance. And it’s time to discover them.  

First of all, Bebelee allows you to drive more engagement with your content.   

As you’ll see, communicating with a video will easily grab your users’ attention, improving your click-through rates and making your message much more appealing and compelling. By adding one or more clickable calls to action directly within your video, you’ll encourage interaction with your content and increase your funnel conversion. In doing so, you’ll advance your overall digital communication strategy using a powerful and distinctive tool.  

All you have to do is move and place clickable buttons within the scenes of your video and send interactive experiences to your customers. With Babelee, you’ll be able to engage like never before!  

Explore video interaction 

It’s time to upgrade your video communications and unlock a new and incredible power! Babelee is here to enhance your digital video marketing strategy by adding an uncommon but innovative element: interactivity. As you’ll see, the platform allows you to create HTML5 interactive videos in just a few simple steps by showing a clickable call to action to your users and customers. Thanks to video interaction, your video communication will become much more effective, improving your click-through rate and conversion rate while engaging at full speed.   

Add a surprising and clickable CTA 

Let’s get into interactive videos! With Babelee, you can add one or more clickable calls to action directly within every scene of your video. Every button can be moved and placed wherever you want. Of course, you’ll also be able to customize your CTA for your requirements. You can easily modify the display text, the destination URL, and the timeline for when you want it to be visualized. You can also personalize the button more precisely using CSS. Make all the adjustments you need and prepare yourself to spread an effective and clickable message.  

Create interactive video paths 

Video interaction is not limited to a clickable button within the video that opens other files and web pages. Instead of linking to an external source, in Babelee your calls to action can also link to another Babelee video. Using this functionality, you can create interactive videos with different paths depending on the user’s choice. This simple feature has tremendous value: your customers will become the directors of their own personal story, able to interact with the video and choose the path and the story line that best suits them. 

Try personalized interactive videos 

Video interaction meets video personalization: This is Babelee at its best!  

The platform allows you to easily create personalized interactive videos that are ready to engage users and customers. Start telling personal and compelling stories by communicating one to one with every unique customer. Personalize the name and any other information displayed based on your CRM. And, last but not least, place a personalized and clickable call to action within the video. You won’t find a more effective way to build stronger relationships and boost performance.  

Publish interactive video news 

As a publisher, Babelee allows you to create automated, monetizable, and real-time video news and summaries to engage readers, users, and subscribers. On top of that, you’ll be able to add something special and really distinctive to your videos: calls to action! Unlike traditional mp4 video reports, your readers will be able to click on your content, interact with it, and perform all the actions you request. This is a completely new and effective way to report news that will boost your editorial content creation and enhance your overall business strategy.   

Revolutionize your email marketing 

Direct email marketing is an important tool for achieving your digital strategy goals. But do the emails you send really make a difference? With Babelee, you can stand out from the crowd and increase the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives. Using the platform, you can create and send interactive videos to users and customers by email. Compared to traditional videos, with video interaction you can successfully communicate your message and simplify the call to action, improving all your key performance indicators (KPI). Starting right now, your emails, SMS, and any other channels will never be the same again.   

Revolutionize your email marketing

Measure video metrics with analytics  

How can you measure the effectiveness of the interactive videos you create with Babelee? In the platform, you’ll find a section dedicated to analytics that are specific for every video you create and send. You’ll be able to keep track of all the metrics that matter: from the click-through rate (CTR) of your video and CTA clicks, to unique plays, re-watches, total users, and returning users. You’ll also find a global view divided by country as well as browser and device details. Everything you need to optimize your video  you and your strategy are here: Get ready to make your video content shine!  

New media for content engagement: how to grow conversions

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