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Video Automation

Produce data-driven videos at scale in an automated way. Simply turn personal data, news feeds, and any other information you want into an effective video.

Video automation, the revolution of video content creation 

Traditionally, creating effective videos takes time, specific skills, and can be a complex and frustrating process. From video production to video editing and delivery, the costs involved are usually significant, resulting in a single standard video that must be adapted to different situations and engage a wide group of people. But are you sure this is the only choice you have?  

Babelee changes the game. Through its video automation features, the platform allows agencies, publishers, content marketers, and professionals in every field to automate video content creation with a data-driven, scalable approach.   

At lightning-fast speed, you’ll be able to produce thousands of videos from existing text and data. Moreover, you’ll edit and generate different versions of your videos in an easy and quick way. Kick off your next project by choosing among dozens of editable, preset templates and let Babelee amaze you! 

You’ll be able to set the perfect mood for your video by personalizing the scenes and, after that, to link the dataset containing the information you want to display. Then, start the generation process and, in just a few minutes, you’ll have as many automated videos as you want, without putting too much effort into the process. Finally, you’ll be able to easily share your videos by email, SMS, social networks, in-app push notifications, or any other channel you prefer, giving a boost to your omnichannel digital communication strategy.  

Video automation can be revolutionary for your everyday work, unlocking innovative ways to reach and engage your customers while improving efficiency in how you create video content.   

Video summaries, video news, animated infographics, personalized videos: today there’s a completely new way to approach content creation. Discover the full potential of automated video production. Discover Babelee.  

The power of video automation

Video automation provided by Babelee is here to take your video content creation to the next level, making your video production process much more efficient and competitive.  

Automating video production with Babelee will allow you to simplify your video production process, creating catchy data-driven videos in just a few steps and in high quantity, making your life easier. Video automation will also help you create more video content in less time and with less effort, allowing you to focus more on optimizing your overall strategy.    

Also, don’t forget: automated content creation is less expensive compared to a traditional video production process, so this will help you streamline your resources. Saving time and money doesn’t mean sacrificing quality and effectiveness. With Babelee, you’ll be able to easily create automated videos that help you build stronger relationships with your customers, making Babelee videos a valuable tool for your digital communication strategy. 

Do you still have doubts? Video automation will reshape your content creation process and your whole digital video communication strategy, providing value to both you and your customers. Trust Babelee.  

Explore video automation with Babelee 

Why settle for one standard and complex video if you could have so much more? With Babelee, you can easily automate your video content creation, generating data-driven videos at scale just by customizing a template and linking a dataset with the information you want to display. From video editing to video generation, you won’t believe how fast the process can be! With this powerful engine, you’ll be able to create and deliver valuable videos in just a few steps!  

Set the mood with editable templates 

Regardless of your project, you’ll need to start by setting the foundation for your videos. In Babelee, your idea starts with a template, an empty project eager to be filled with your text and data in an automated way. Create the exact look and feel that you want: Simply choose a template and start customizing it, editing the background, sounds, layouts, and transitions. And don’t forget to place all the information grids where your data will be displayed. That’s it! So, hold onto your seat: video automation is lightning-fast!  

Turn personal data into engaging videos 

Take the power of video automation, then add the personal touch made possible by video personalization. Mix them carefully. That’s Babelee! Thanks to the connection to an external data source, you can use the platform to automate the production of unlimited videos that contain your customers’ personal information like name, interests, recent purchases, financial details, and any information you want to include. By doing so, you’ll generate automated personalized videos that speak one-on-one with every unique customer. All it takes is just one tiny effort to immediately tell thousands of unique, compelling stories with an unbeatable ability to engage and impress. 

Turn news feeds into notable videos 

Today, there are new and exciting ways to engage readers and viewers with news and blog posts. Would you like an example? With Babelee you can take your RSS news feed and automatically turn it into a captivating video that is updated in real time. In just a few steps, every scene of your video will show the latest news you’ve published, taking texts and images from the feed as well as the current date and time. Creating appealing video news and useful video summaries has never been easier!  

Test many versions of your video 

We know that your digital video communication strategy needs quick testing and easy but inexpensive adjustments on the fly. With traditional videos, such adjustments would be slow and costly.. With Babelee’s video automation features, you’ll be able to create multiple versions of your videos just by re-editing your template or starting a new project! You can change colors, transitions, the call to action, and any other element in the scenes in real time, whenever you want. You can also easily create dozens of versions of your video to keep your customers interested and use them find out which video strategy performs better.    

Map your scenes automatically 

Would you like to discover the secret that allows Babelee to create hundreds and thousands of different videos from a single template? That’s the power of mapping! Thanks to this extraordinary functionality, you can match all of the elements in the scenes with your data source, one by one. By doing so, you’ll be able to automatically produce videos at scale, each of them displaying specific and personalized information. The connection can be easily made through API, CSV files, RSS feeds, and even easy-to-use connectors. 

Video automation made easy  

In Babelee, we’re obsessed with simplicity and effectiveness. That’s why you’ll find connectors – another super-easy way to import your data and automate your video production – in the Babelee platform. Connectors allow you to make an automated connection with external providers like Hubspot or Mailchimp. Think about all the precious information you already have in these services: names, emails, information about customer interests, and much more. You’ll be able to take all of this information and turn it into an amazing automated video, instantly. It looks like magic, but it’s Babelee!  

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