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Babelee Video Platform

Easy video creation and automation, just connecting data sources.
Moving Personalization to Conversions.

Build stronger relationships with your customers

Exploit the full power of personalized storytelling and create unique emotions through your video communication. Strengthen the relationships with your customers and make them live a unique and compelling digital customer experience.

Increase the conversion rates of your initiatives

Boost your funnel conversion with interactive and personalized videos able to make the delivered message a lot more appealing and effective. Increase your click-through rates, conversion rates, and the overall ROI of your video marketing initiatives.

Reduce video production time and costs

Simplify your video production process thanks to video automation and a self-service interface that is intuitive and super easy to use. Produce thousands of videos in just a few steps and start engaging with no technical skills while saving time and money.

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Video personalization

Create and deliver millions of one-to-one personalized videos in a few clicks! Your customers will experience a customized video with their data, while you are saving time by creating only one file.

Video Automation

Connecting your CRM will be plain sailing: just map your data and deliver all the videos you like via your favourite marketing automation tool! But there's a lot more: data sources can also update your real time videos for an effective instant information.

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Video Interaction

Can videos be interactive? Of course they do! Thanks to html5 all the videos you need can feature one or more clickable call-to-actions and become such a powerful way to improve conversions and marketing performances.

Video Advertising

Did you know you could monetize your real-time videos? Babelee made it easy for you with the integrations with the most important online advertising platforms. Display ads and banners in different formats directly into your videos and generate revenues for your business.

Self service UI

Rome wasn't built in a day and so video production skills. That's why Babelee makes it super user friendly and your creative production will require no code nor data science skills. So easy to use!

Video Data Visualization

Fancy ready-to-use templates to visualise and easily communicate your complex data? Statistics, trends, polls and all numbers will be greatly explained through appealing animated graphs. Your customers will love it.

How it Works

Babelee's patent is based on a proprietary technology that enables people to automatically transform data into an unlimited number of personalized videos for editorial, business, marketing and customer service purposes on a huge scale, using different datasets stored in one or more databases.

Are you an agency, video creator or brand? Babelee's got the solution suiting your needs for video creation, video automation and also technology integration. Our experts will analyse your tech stack and suggest the best for you.