Self-service UI

Simplify your video production process with a super-easy-to-use self-service tool. Start engaging users and customers with no technical skills.

Self-Service UI makes video production easy

We know that video production can often be seen as complicated, time-consuming, and overwhelming. Creating the right video for the right digital marketing and communication strategy usually requires specific video production and editing skills. Not in the Babelee universe.   

Babelee is here to simplify your life. Whether you’re a professional content marketer, creative director, video maker, publisher or even a new video content creator,the intuitive self-service UI of the Babelee platform will make the entire video creation process easy.  

As a beginner, you’ll be guided by lots of customizable templates in different styles that will allow you to create an effective video in just a few steps. As an expert, you’ll also be able to use Adobe After Effects to upload your own templates and animations with a greater level of detail.  

Regardless of your level of expertise, Babelee’s user interface will speed up your video content creation process step by step, making it smoother and easier.   

With Babelee, you can start a project by choosing or creating the template that best fits your needs. Next, you can customize it by changing colors, fonts, the background and layout, selecting music, adding transitions…everything you need. You’ll also be able to add and edit text, images, slideshows, and animated graphs, all depending on the information you want to display and communicate. Just a few simple clicks for a wonderful result!  

Babelee maintains this level of simplicity even for the creation of automated data-driven videos, unlocking new ways to impress and engage without too much effort. Personalized videos, financial reports, marketing and sales videos, data-visualization videos, video news reports, and summaries are all possible with Babelee. There’s a world of possibilities to discover. And remember: your IT and video editing expertise doesn’t matter. With Babelee, you don’t have to be an expert!  

The power of Babelee’s self-service UI

Content marketers, creative directors, and publishers often struggle with video production. Moreover, it’s not easy to find tools that can streamline this process.  

Thanks to its self-service user interface, Babelee is here to change the way you create and deliver effective and outstanding data-driven video communications, making your life and your everyday work easier.  

The biggest benefit of the platform’s intuitive user interface is that it reduces the skills gap in video production for marketing purposes. As a matter of fact, you don’t need technical IT or video making knowledge to create amazing videos that make a huge impact. Compared to the traditional video production process, video content creation with Babelee will also save you time as well as production costs, allowing you to create more content and test your strategy faster.  

You’ll start engaging users and customers in a new way, thus enhancing your communication and getting higher click-through rates (CTR) and conversion rates (CR). And all of this without putting too much effort throughout the process. So, open the platform and start creating at full speed! Babelee will be your faithful companion.  

Babelee is super easy to use!  

You don’t have to be a pro to create outstanding and engaging videos! With Babelee, your video marketing creation process becomes faster and easier, even if you’re a beginner in video production and editing. In a few steps, the platform allows you to create beautiful, innovative, data-driven, and personalized videos in an automated way, also giving you the possibility to customize every element within the scenes of your video. Starting today, you’ll be able to boost your performance thanks to video communication that is both effective and effortless.  

Choose your video template 

Video content creation has never been easier. In Babelee, you can start a project from scratch by choosing between many different preset templates that are already available on the platform. Whatever your goals or tone of voice, you’ll find something that fits your style: choose from sales reporting templates, travel marketing templates, tech news templates, and many more. You just need to pick one and start customizing it. If you want to create your own template, you can also create new scenes inside the platform or upload your external video templates created with Adobe After Effects.

Customize colors, fonts, music 

It’s time to customize your project! Once you’ve chosen the template, go to the scenes section of the platform and you’ll find a toolbar that allows you to select a customizable color palette to make sure your video is consistent with your corporate identity guidelines. Next, you can choose your favorite fonts and mp3 soundtrack, and you’ll be able to easily order your scenes. Once you have all of your customizations in place, you’ll be able to easily edit each scene.  

Make every scene unique 

This is where things get fun! Babelee features five levels of personalization within every scene of your video, allowing you to display the information you want. Start by choosing a background from the built-in library or upload your own. Then, you’ll be able to insert preset combinations of text and images, slideshows, and animated graphs that display your data easily and effectively. You’ll also edit layouts and transitions to give a personal look and feel to your project, and use the clickable call to action to boost your conversion rates.  

Map your data automatically 

Ready to warm up the engines? With Babelee you can automatically fill your video marketing template by linking an external dataset, thus producing valuable automated video news or thousands of personalized videos in a blink of an eye. Thanks to the intuitive mapping section of the platform, you’ll be able to take your data and match it with the scenes of your video. By doing so, you’ll update the background, the call to action, and all the information displayed in an automated way. No waste of time, no requisite IT knowledge, no pressure. Just Babelee and its super easy-to-use interface.   

Show your video and start engaging 

Did you think that would take long? Well, it’s only been 10 minutes! Now that you’ve created your video, you can check the final version in HTML5 format and copy the URL to share with your users and customers. On the screen, you’ll also find the code that allows you to embed your video within your blog, e-magazine, or website. You can even choose to receive the video in MP4 format by email and FTP or share it directly on Facebook, YouTube, and any social networks. Babelee will guide you step by step to start engaging, thanks to video communication.

Our easy tutorials are always available   

As you’ll discover, Babelee is super easy and intuitive to use. You’ll be able to create amazing data-driven marketing videos without any technical knowledge in just a few steps. But if you have any questions, you don’t have to worry. We’ve provided easy tutorials right in the platform that will guide you throughout the process. You’ll learn  how to customize your template, edit the scenes, map the video, and much more. We’ve also got specific tutorials for using After Effects projects within the platform. It’s all there for you. Now you just have to get started!   

5 tips to create an effective explainer video

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