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Video Personalization

Create an unlimited number of personalized videos by enhancing all of your data. Communicate one to one with every unique customer.

Video personalization: a new way to communicate 

Videos themselves are very engaging, and personalized videos are even more so. Your customers are real people with unique needs and desires, everyday problems, and pain points. Each of them has a personal story that deserves to be listened to and told. This is the real value of video personalization, a new, unique way to reach customers by enhancing all of the data you have available.   

Personalized videos are videos that feature personal information such as name, gender, and interests, and even banking details or other transactional data. Such personalized video content is extremely powerful as it allows you to deliver a unique message to every unique customer, thus helping you build stronger relationships with them.  

With Babelee, you can simply and instantly create an unlimited number of personalized videos using your customer’s name and the other personal data you have available. You don’t even need to be a professional video maker to use the platform effectively.  

All it takes is just a few simple steps!  Take a preset or custom template, add a data source – like a CRM – and generate the personalized URL to be delivered. That’s it!  Now you can have a one-to-one communication with many different people all by personalizing their experience in a new and engaging way.  

And there’s more. The entire video template can be personalized with different levels of customization for the backgrounds, the information displayed, and calls to action, all while retaining the animated layouts and transitions in different styles to give a personal look and feel to your project.  

Now, try to imagine video personalization in action, in every field and use case from custom marketing and business videos to custom training videos, from personalized presentations to custom financial reports and news reports. There are a thousand different ways to tell one unique, engaging, and personalized story

The power of personalized videos

Did you know that 95% of users remember a message when it is conveyed with a video? And did you know that 80% of users who start watching a personalized video watch it all the way through?   

Babelee allows you to create data-oriented video communications that combine two major marketing trends: video and personalization. This powerful combination is able to unlock the full potential of your digital communication strategy while increasing the success of your content in many different ways.  

By creating a personalized animated video that speaks directly to your customer, you’ll be able to make the delivered message much more effective and able to resonate with real people and their interests. A video marketing strategy that includes personalized videos will also dramatically increase your video completion rate and your conversion rate, thanks to the engaging storytelling and the interactive calls to action within the video. Overall, video personalization will allow your customers to live a unique and compelling experience, and it will enable your brand to build stronger relationships with them.    

Personalized videos are here to change the rules of video communication, enabling a real and engaging digital customer experience. This is what Babelee will help you accomplish.  

Video meets data personalization 

Videos usually tell stories; personalized videos tell one story: that of your customer. For each unique customer! With Babelee, you can easily create personalized videos containing your customer’s personal data for an exciting and effective one-to-one communication. The platform empowers data-personalization by connecting data through API, CSV files, plugins, and you can even create dynamic, personalized videos that are updated in real time, with RSS news feeds. No matter what your data source is, you’ll be able to place personalized information into specific positions inside the video to deliver a unique, customized experience.   

Engage and call them by name 

What is the most personal way to engage your customers? Calling them by name, of course! To make your customer instantly feel unique and special, simply pick a text box in Babelee and place it where you want to display your customer’s name. But keep in mind that this is just the first step. In the Babelee platform, you’ll find lots of animated grids to enrich the video with the personal information available in your dataset. You’ll be able to choose between different combinations of customizable texts, images, and slideshows that will surprise and grab the viewer’s attention.  

Impress with animated graphs 

Take your data and let it astonish your customers! In Babelee, you’ll be able to choose among different animated graphs in different styles to visualize and communicate personalized information in an unexpected and effective way. Pie charts, histograms, lines and timelines, rankings: place them in your vido scenes, link your dataset, and start showing expenses, investments, and any other useful data in an engaging way. Data visualization is completely different with video: each graph will be unique, each number will describe an individual story, and each trend will reflect amazing personal experiences.  

Don’t forget a custom background 

What is a personal story with a background that doesn’t fit? With Babelee, you can choose the best background for your message using the built-in library that contains stock images and videos in different categories like business, abstract, city scapes, nature, night, and so on. Remember: what’s important is that it reflects you and your customer. If you want to choose something special and truly customized, you can also upload the background of your choice and even personalize the background for each of your customers by linking a dataset. That sounds great, right? 

Refine it with layouts and transitions 

Your personalized video also needs to be beautiful and seamless! Animated layouts available in Babelee will give a special touch to your scenes, allowing you to visualize your content in a more appealing way. You’ll be able to choose among many different styles to give a personal look and feel to your project: squared layouts, elegant layouts, bubble layouts, gradients… just take your pick. And don’t forget to select the best transitions for your video! You’ll be able to choose style modes that allow you to switch from one scene to another.   

Discover personalized call to actions 

In a communication strategy, every video has a goal, but few have a clickable call to action. Personalized videos made with Babelee are not your ordinary videos, as they are HTML5 videos. This format enables interaction within the video, allowing your customer to click on a call to action that is relevant for your business. But the best is yet to come: in Babelee, calls to action are customizable! You can deliver personalized videos with personalized actions for each of your customers, notably boosting your conversion rates.  

Tell unique and compelling stories 

Now it’s time to let your customer venture into the magic world of personalization. Just start the video generation process in Babelee and see how your project multiplies into thousands of personal and exclusive stories. Scene by scene, your personalized videos will start telling something truly special and unique, able to impress and engage with a one-to-one approach and in a completely new way. So, send your video to each of your customers using your preferred channel and make them live their own incredible story.

Personalization and video: Two boosts for building customer loyalty

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