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About us

Simplify your way to communicate by relying on Babelee for your lead generation activities and video content

About Babelee

Babelee was founded as a high-tech start-up with the mission to transform video communications by leveraging data and AI to offer new, meaningful, and personalized experiences for companies and customers. It supports digital companies and agencies in reaching the new horizon of video data-telling through its proprietary and patented platform by enhancing company data by transforming it into unique interactive video experiences.
With Babelee, technology is our wheelhouse, it doesn’t have to be yours. You don’t have to be an expert in data science, analytics, or video making–our platform makes it easy for everyone.   

Our engineers and data scientists designed our new video automation and personalization platform to connect people and brands. You’ll be able to create high-quality and unique user experiences that go beyond personalization and automatically deliver personalized and interactive video at cloud scale. A new future where technology and cloud are at the service of companies and professional communications have been identified by Babelee’s team, providing a smart video platform, bridging the gap through technology and transforming the value of your data in the form of personalized and interactive video communications. The Babelee platform automatically matches and transforms data, enabling the creation and delivery of the most extraordinary personalized and engaging digital experiences.  

Some insights about personalized videos

We believe that creativity should be within everyone’s reach. That’s why we designed our technology to enable everyone–from marketers to e-commerce managers to digital advertisers– to leverage data and build digital experiences. The Video Platform is designed to help you unleash your creativity so that you can build and create a world of engaging and personalized videos that support your initiatives and that drive customer conversions.  

Whatever your use case, Babelee empowers anyone to take advantage of a new way to  communicate, simplifying the production processes of online video advertising, lead generation initiatives, editorial video content, or data visualization. We’re always looking to the future, and we invest in technology to deliver the innovation that gives our customers a creative advantage and competitive edge.   

The simple and intuitive interface helps companies of any size take advantage of  automation by transforming data into graphic assets and animations, and by integrating images and videos from external sources to automatically create real-time dynamic videos.  

Join happy clients

The Babelee team of experts, developers, and consultants can address your most specific and unique requirements.  

Babelee is part of Doxee group, the largest multinational high-tech company and leading provider of Customer Communications Management (CCM), Digital Customer Experience, and Paperless products.  

Are you an agency, video creator or brand? We’ve got the solution suiting your needs for video creation, video automation and also technology integration. Our experts will analyse your tech stack and suggest the best for you.