How to create a Personalized Video with Babelee

In this guide you will discover how to create a personalized video step-by-step!

how to create personalized video
Elisa Velleca
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Personalized videos are like a letter with your name on it: you can’t wait to find out what’s inside. Being able to speak directly to your audience combined with the power of video is like a trump card for reaching your customers’ hearts. Customers feel special, appreciated, and will pay more attention to the message content. 

Here at Babelee, we have talked about personalized videos, their use cases, and their importance for your marketing strategy. But how to create them? In this post, we’ll discuss the main steps, what you need to get started, and how to create a personalized video easily

Why use a personalized video? 

In the last century video, has become the main means of communication for companies and social media. As we know, a video viewer retains 95% of the message, compared to 10% when dispatched via text (Source: Wirebuzz). 

Personalization will improve the power of your video communication and performance! In a world overcrowded with so many messages, it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd and build memorable relationships. But with personalized video you can send customized information to speak directly to a database selected cluster. 

What do you need to get started? 

From the outside, it may seem difficult to create a personalized video, but if you aim to communicate one by one with each single customer, things get easier. Let’s see what’s required: first, you need to design a video that can be customizable for each person in your customer funnel, creating a common base for your message to convey. 

These are the three items you need to get started:  

Define a purpose. What is the main message of your personalized video? 

The message you want to communicate is the most important aspect of your video, so be sure to define all the specific points you want to talk about.  

What kind of personalized video do you want to make? A personal invitation, an explanatory video, a bank report, a promotional offer video, a best wishes video for the holidays, or a “welcome” following a new purchase… These are just some examples. Once you choose it, you can define the best tone of voice to use, your target group, and the type of device customers will use to see the video. Conduct market research to better understand the people you want to talk to and to use all the data available to make them receive your message effectively. 

Create a story. How can I best engage my audience? 

Once you define the video framework you’re ready to imagine a story that can inform and entertain your viewer. You can let your imagination flow and make your message more attractive! Storytelling is the perfect way to give new life to your message and lead your viewer to see the entire video. We recommend you read our post on what storytelling is, so you can learn different ways how to use them in your videos. Remember that your story needs to have variable information in order to be customizable, but we’ll talk about this in the next point. 

Tell stories with data 

Don’t forget to create your story based on the data you have available! This type of data is essential to communicate directly with your customer, so make sure you have all the data you need, like name, gender, email, etc. in order to create a one-to-one communication. 

Let’s make the video! 

Now that you know what you want to communicate, you can start making videos!  

Make sure you have the right tools! Babelee provides you with the best video software where you can find video stock and animation presets, where you can implement interaction and connect all the data in just one tool, easily. Sounds great, right? 

Video Production: make your template 

Let’s dig deep into the video production! Here are some suggestions:

1.Use the right video elements  

The right images and clips are essential for creating the perfect mood and atmosphere in a video. This is a crucial point to make your video effective! Spend the necessary time to find the perfect footage, and if you have a camera don’t be shy to use it! Don’t forget that video quality is also fundamental, so make sure to have the right dimension that fits perfectly with your video destination. Don’t forget that all the video elements you use are all opportunities to talk with your customer directly, so be creative! Make sure that every depicted element fits your idea perfectly and that it’s eye catching! You can also use your brand color palette to make your message recognizable.

2. The timing 

Timing is key for engaging people instantly. Use the first 5 seconds to catch viewers’ attention and let them enjoy the rest of the video. Put the personalized info in as soon as possible!  The first 3 seconds are perfect for this scope. The sooner personalization and the relevant info appear, the better impact you’ll generate.  

3. Add a call to action 

Viewers are distracted while watching videos, and even when they are interested they often don’t remember or don’t know what to do. That’s why it’s essential to add a CTA that will prompt them to act to find out more about the topic or social channels by subscribing, for example “This step is very important because it could generate leads and convert to sales!”. 

4. Choose the right music 

Sound makes your video engaging! Music generates important emotions, and it creates the perfect mood and gives a customer positive feeling even if it’s only in the background. So make sure you choose background music that reflects your brand and your message.  

5. Connect your Data source 

This is the crucial point! Now that you have your video base, just connect all information with video and voilà, you will have all the personalized videos you need! Choose the right data source for this step! With the Babelee platform, you can upload a CSV file containing all useful data to map or link them through APIs. 
You can also surprise your customers by creating Real Time Video News by automatically connecting RSS feeds.  

With just a few steps, you have created an unlimited number of personalized videos that you can share everywhere to everybody! 

Final tips to create a personalized video

These are the fundamental steps to create a personalized video. Now, here are some helpful tips to improve the process: 

  • Use a template to make it faster! 

Creating a video from zero is great because it will reflect all your needs 100%, but often you may not have time and skills to start from the beginning. That’s why we suggest choosing a template that’s right for you. Select the starting video that best suits your needs, adapt the color palette to that of your brand, and that’s it! You’ll have a video ready to customize immediately, without wasting time. 

  • Use the right words in your copy  

Using the right words is crucial. Just as you want to save time, the person watching the video has things to do as well. Don’t be long-winded, but get straight to the point! Use simple and effective words, and be clear and direct. Your customers will appreciate it! 

  • Don’t exaggerate with personalization 

Using data is what makes your video truly unique, but like anything, excess is never to your advantage. Using too much of your user’s data can create the opposite effect: a meaningless message, disorienting your customer, making them unsure and generating distrust. So only use the data that fits your story, integrate it and use it to surprise! 

  • Organize your data 

If you use a CVS file as your data source, make sure all is in order and organized in the most functional way. No one wants to see their name spelled in all caps or incorrectly. So take the time to check and organize the data correctly to dazzle your clients and show your professionalism! 


Using personalized video in your marketing strategy could make it a lot more effective. Now that you know all the secrets to make the perfect personalized video, show your creativity and start creating videos to involve and amaze your customers!   

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