Email marketing videos: 5 tips to improve your CTR

Email marketing videos is an effective strategy for digital outreach. But how can increase your CTR?

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Video Marketing Email marketing videos: 5 tips to improve your CTR

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Video in email marketing: why? 

Email marketing is an effective strategy for digital outreach. But sending a straightforward text-based email might not be enough when your competitors are making every effort to capture the market’s attention. Video email marketing can be especially effective in this situation. You can quickly take your email marketing campaigns to the next level with improved engagement and higher user interest by incorporating this immersive kind of media within your emails. 

Using videos in email marketing offers a number of benefits. The strategy may improve your possibilities of generating new business leads, and it may also help you increase the engagement of your current audience. In addition to improving your brand’s profile, the practice can boost your return on investment (ROI). The marketing department works to make sure that your brand’s emails stand out. Including videos in your emails improves open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and brand awareness, among other metrics. You can make your videos as complex or as simple as you wish: how you use the videos in email marketing will determine everything. 

It is important to remember that sending videos through promotional emails has its advantages and its disadvantages. Video communications can be a game-changer for your overall objectives if you use them effectively. However, using such videos carelessly can also interupt audience engagement or cause problems with your email clients. 

With its aesthetics, the right video can enhance any central message. This saves both your current and potential consumers a significant amount of time from their busy schedules while still enabling them to consume detailed information. For marketerts and companies in many sectors, it’s factors have led to a rise in the popularity of using videos in email campaigns. being aware of the best practices will help you enjoy all of these benefits. 

How to improve your CTR 

Videos have a significant impact on click-through rate (CTR) and using videos can help engage both current and potential customers. In fact, videos can increase important email marketing metrics by over 65%! Internet users are constantly drawn to video: watching online videos make up one-third of all online activity. Since one of your objectives likely involves capturing your audience’s attention, using video makes perfect sense: it provides crucial information. 

Here are some easy tips to help you improve the CTR of your campaigns! 

Include video in email subject lines 

The format of your is fundamental, and it all begins with the subject line. For example, emojis stand out to many people and can be seen as more inviting for customers in certain sectors. In this context, an email with emojis in the subject line could make them more interested in the email

To encourage subscribers to open your email, try adding “video” to the subject line. In the beginning, you’ll probably want to A/B test a range of subject lines to see which ones your readers like the most. Include the video in the email in a way that will keep readers interested. This is another important formatting recommendation:  Placing a video  at the beginning of an emails is considered a best practice. but placing them near the conclusion can also encourage viewers to read on for a deeper understanding of the topic. 

Include video in your newsletters

There are several methods to incorporate video into newsletters to increase their effectiveness. Businesses with a lot of video content can benefit from embedded video so that subscribers can catch up on any missed content. Collecting famous videos in your sector is another approach to incorporate video into newsletters. This is a great opportunity for businesses that don’t produce many videos. Alternatively, try creating a video that compiles weekly content. 

For instance, if a recent commercial completely disrupted your sector, include that video in your email and write a blog post about your opinions to go along with it to boost traffic to your website. 

Show a new product or service 

Are you introducing new packages or services? Launching a new collection? Use a video to showcase your product rather than writing about it; you can put the focus on significant elements, demonstrate new features or services, and give the promotion some life. 

Sending subscribers video teasers before a product launch or the rollout of a new feature is a great way to get their attention. Make this promotion exclusive and don’t publish these videos on other communication channels; doing so will show potential customers that signing up for your emails will provide them with additional value. 

Make sure your video teaser describes the advantages of your new product or feature and how it will enhance the lives of users. 

It goes without saying that video is significantly more entertaining and engaging than text. 

Invite people to an event 

The next time you host an event, try a video email! In fact, this is the second best thing to do after a hand-written invitation. Using video a great way to introduce potential customers to your corporate culture and pique their curiosity about learning more. 

When you’re introducing a new business event, send them an email with a brief summary of your last event to show them what they will be missing out on if they don’t register. A video can also show how enjoyable and well-attended your events are through the use of social proof. Even better, if it’s an annual event, use your video to show some clips from the previous year’s event. You can also use a video in an email to congratulate participants for coming or to send a mass email to all subscribers to let them know the event was a success. 

If your business holds events, whether they are external or internal, record the activities on video and email subscribers a recap; you may increase overall interest in your company’s activities and show subscribers how your brand operates in action . 

Welcome videos 

You should extend a warm welcome to everybody who purchases your product or service online, registers for a webinar, a free trial, or subscribes to your newsletter. This is a great way to engage that prospect or customer right away and establish a connection with them.

Here, a video message can be the deciding factor for your target audience because it’s simple to understand and promotes your distinctive value proposition. Finally, you can use onboarding videos to assist customers who have already made a purchase so they can continue using your product or service.

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